What is a Dermapen Gold Treatment?

Dermapen is the original and most trusted brand for automated micro needling. Micro needling is a skin treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin (through a natural healing process) and reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne and scars. Gold Authorised Treatment Providers are clinics in New Zealand who have been recognized by Dermapen as following all treatment protocol, including use of Dermapen4, the most advanced micro needling device, Dp Dermaceuticals skin products which have been designed for safe and beneficial infusion into the skin during micro needling, and all safety and training standards. This ensures you’re getting optimum results and the highest standards in safety.

What happens during my Dermapen Gold micro needling treatment?

Step One: Consultation

You’ll meet with your clinic therapist to have a chat about your skin concerns, and make sure that micro needling is the right choice for your skin. They will talk you through the treatment, how it works, how best to prepare for it and how to treat your skin afterwards.

Dermapen 4

Step Two: Micro-Facial

Your skin will be double cleansed with the protocol Dp Dermaceuticals Tri-Phase Cleanser , then sanitised with the Clini-Prep spray. These protocol products have been specifically created by Dermapen to be safe for during and after your treatment. Specially designed MesoGlide solutions will be applied to your areas of concern, which contain active ingredients such as vitamins and peptides to optimise healing and give your skin enhanced results.

Step Three: Dermapen Micro needling

The Dermapen4 device will glide across your skin, as the tiny needles (moving vertically very fast) create micro-channels in the skin’s superficial top layers. This activates your skin’s natural healing response by creating “micro-injuries”, resulting in new collagen and elastin formation. The treatment is minimally invasive, penetrating only a fraction of a millimetre.

Step 4 and 5
Step 1-3

Step Four: Hydrating Mask

When the needling process has finished, your practitioner will apply a soothing mask over the area to provide an immediate cooling effect, as well as hydrating the skin with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid. You’ll then have the fortifying Vitamin Rich Repair Serum applied to your skin to begin an intensive repair process as well as reducing redness and inflammation.

Step Five: Camouflage and Protection

Finally, the breathable SPF30 Cover Recover product is applied, a cooling, clean foundation containing mineral sunscreen to protect the skin as well as anti-bacterial and moisturising properties. The colour in the foundation will cover any pinkness in your skin, meaning you can go straight back to the office if you need to! You’re on your way to a rejuvenated and more youthful complexion.