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Facial Treatments:

Puravida treatments for your face.

We strive to deliver personalised solutions to enhance and protect your skin’s natural radiance. Before experiencing a facial with us we require you to complete a skin analysis. We’ll work with the results from your skin analysis to help you to have healthy glowing skin.

Skin Health Checks
Why do a skin analysis?

Your therapist must understand your skin in order to choose the best products and course of treatments for yourself.

When a skin analysis is performed the skin therapist can gain valuable insight into what is happening inside your bodies too. Your skin can show thyroid troubles, hormonal imbalances and dietary problems.

Conducting a thorough dermal analysis is one of the most important aspects prior to any skin treatment.

When you have your skin professionally analysed, it will highlight any underlying condition that needs to be address plus establish the correct diagnosis so that your treatments and skincare are correctly prescribed. This will achieve the glowing results that you’re looking for, and a step to correct the underlying health reasons that need to be addressed. This type of full and thorough analysis can not be conducted over the counter of your department store with your makeup on, as makeup can cover-up a world of problems.

A full and correct analysis involves a careful assessment of our skin’s type and condition. It will take into account any aspects that may be damaging your dermal health, underlying medical conditions, previous sun exposure and your daily skin care routine.

Our skin is in a constant state of change and it’s important to have our skin analysed at least once a year or when we have had changes in our health, hormones and diet.

Customised Facials:

Skin analysis is required for these treatments.

Specialised Facials: