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About Puravida

Your boutique beauty salon

Puravida is your go-to boutique Wellington beauty salon, that concentrates on advanced skin care treatments, products, body treatments, massage, nails, waxing and tanning.

Experienced therapists, friendly environment

Whether you’re looking for an entirely personalised skincare plan, anti-ageing regime, or a relaxing escape from the day to day grind, our highly experienced skin-saver therapists are available for consultations for all treatments so that they can be customised to meet your needs.

Ensure your skin stays healthy for a lifetime with our tailored treatment plan, or the opportunity to relax for an hour or more. Puravida is committed to always providing you with the most cutting-edge, advanced technologies and treatments for your skin. Step into our intuitive and friendly environment, where your needs are our first priority and we take a holistic approach to ensure you walk away feeling completely taken care of.  

Our strong company ethics mean we always have you at the forefront of our minds, and our client-first ethos never faulters. 

You’re invited to explore our range of educated and honest treatments, in our loving, safe, and relaxing salon space. Each and every time you visit us, you will leave floating on a cloud knowing that you were given the best personalised treatments, plus feeling relaxed and confident. Allow us to show you the Puravida way from the moment you book to the moment you leave and rebook for your next session

Meet the team


Advanced Skin Saver and Owner

It’s so nice to meet you, I’m Sherri-Lee. I’m the owner and your Advanced Skin Saver here at Puravida Beauty. You & your skin are the reason i’m so passionate about Puravide Beauty. I’ve always loved helping people, so paired with a love of skincare, this is really what I was born to do! I’m basically your go-to skin nerd, obsessed with all things ‘your skin’ and helping you look and feel your absolute best (i’m talking glowing from the inside out) . Always learning and growing, I strive to offer YOU the best possible services, knowing the science, the products and the treatments like no one else.inside out. If you arent seeing me for a facial then I am your go to girl for massage, Henna Brows and Lash Lifts… Ooh and of course some electrolysis!. I built Puravida to be the most friendly, relaxing environment for you… so that you can feel at ease and at home when you visit us. If you’re anything like me, you love to spend time with family, so I really wanted to replicate that environment with our Salon space. If you love coffee, the summertime, or skincare like I do… then we’ll definitely get along. I can’t wait to meet you.


Front of house

Meet Callie- our part-time front of house superstar!! You will often see Callie greeting you with a smile, welcoming you, helping you with picking your homecare, making your appointments and treating you with refreshments while in the Salon! Many Puravida regulars already know this smiling face as Sherri's daughter, as Callie has been around the salon since Sherri took it over! Callie is a high school student who wants to study nursing after school, so she really has a passion for client care and wellbeing.


Emerging Skin Saver

I want you to meet Lily. Lily is your Emerging Skin Saver, and also your go-to therapist for all things brows, relaxation facial treatments, and the best back massage in Wellington. Lily has a passion for seeing her treatments bring joy to people like you, making you both look & feel your best. Your Skin... Her Passion! If you ever feel like your skin is looking dull and tired YOU need to see Lily!! Lily is a pro at the Prologic Enzyme Facial Treatment and let me tell you its AMAZING!! You will love Lily because of her kind, caring nature… and also her fun side! I’m sure you will be able to relate to her love for shopping, the beach, and spending time with friends for cocktails! So, why wait? Come in and meet Lily today.


Emerging Skin Saver

Introducing… Grace! Grace is your Emerging Skin Saver, but she’s also a whizz at massage, brows, and manicuring (seriously, you won’t find anyone like her!) Grace has a passion for facials and working with you to achieve your skincare goals, as she knows how important caring for your skin is (after struggling with some skin issues herself in the past). Any worries or concerns you have with your skin, Grace’s empathetic nature will ensure you feel seen and heard. If you ever feel like you need some help with your skin, but you’re not sure where to start or where to go… then we welcome you into our “no judgment zone” at Puravida, where Grace will be able to help with everything. And when she’s not at the Salon, Grace loves being outside in nature soaking up the sun and snuggled up in her pjs with a good book and a tea, pure bliss! You’re gonna love her… so come and see us today.


Emerging Skin Saver

I want you to meet Beatrice. Beatrice is our Emerging Talent, and your expert for all things brows, lashes… not to mention the BEST Pedicure in Wellington. Your experience is Beatrice’s top priority, and she really has a Passion for seeing her treatments bring joy to people like you, making you both look & feel your best. If you ever feel like you have lost your glow YOU need to see Beatrice!! Beatrice is a pro at the Puravida Indulgence Facial which includes a relaxing Back massage and a glow getting facial and let me tell you it’s AMAZING!! Beatrice’s gentle, caring nature is what keeps clients coming back for more… so I know you’re going to love her. Plus, she’s a lover of all things journaling, the outdoors, and poetry! We invite you to come in and meet Beatrice today.