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The Puravida difference

Puravida is a boutique beauty salon that concentrates on advanced skin care treatments and products, body treatments, massage, nails, waxing and tanning.

Our highly experienced therapists are available for consultations for all treatments so that they can be customised to meet your needs.

We can offer a treatment plan for your skin that will provide you with healthy skin for a lifetime, or the opportunity to relax for an hour or more.

What our customers say

"After years of frustratingly poor skin a friend tipped me off about Puravida. Sherri-Lee is incredible! She has been looking after me for a year and my skin has completely cleared. My pores are now refined and my fine lines are gone. Each visit she shares her extensive knowledge and is constantly learning so she Continue Reading


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We use only the best products

Latest News

The Process of Illumination- Enhancement 2- Moisturising

The Process of Illumination- Enhancement 2- Moisturising The first part of our process of illumination was all about getting cleansing down to a fine art, creating a great base for your skin to be clear and ready to take on all the goodness you can give it – and the...

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The Process of Illumination- Enhancement 1- Cleansing

The Process of Illumination- Enhancement 1- Cleansing No-one really likes cleaning. But your skin isn’t those old festival boots in the bottom of the wardrobe, or that Tupperware container that never recovered from the spag-bol disaster of 2012. It’s on your face (and...

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What we put on our skin matters!!

What we Put on our skin matters! When you are  purchasing a new moisturiser or foundation, have you stopped to consider, that whatever is in that new favourite product, will be absorbed into the bloodstream? Why do you ask, because these...

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