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Get ready to dive into the world of skincare, where we unravel the secrets of "corneotherapy"!

Have you ever heard of this innovative skin treatment technique? Well, let us tell you the captivating tale, but watch out for those unscrupulous folks trying to pull a fast one! 

So, what exactly is corneotherapy, you ask? It’s like a perfect blend of custom-made creams and powerful actives, creating a skincare program tailored just for you! 

The word “corneotherapy” is a mashup of “corneo” (the fancy term for the outermost layer of your skin) and “therapy” because, hey, it’s all about healing, baby!

What is the core philosophy behind corneotherapy? Nurture and protect that precious skin barrier like it’s the crown jewel!  To make this happen, our skin specialists recommend a three-step plan:

1) Prevention is the name of the game! Say no to annoying irritants and allergens. Choose only safe, medical-grade goodies crafted in a pristine lab setting. Sterile perfection, just for you! 

2) Protection is your new BFF! Amp up that natural skin barrier and give it the superhero powers it deserves. Shield yourself from skin troubles and premature ageing. 

3) Individualised magic! Every corneotherapy journey begins with a meticulous skin analysis. Our skin superheroes will uncover the cause of your skin issues and design a unique regimen just for you. You’re one of a kind, after all!

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Unlocking the Magic: How Does It Work?

By focusing on repairing the stratum corneum, it helps your skin regain its natural radiance and vitality while providing ultimate protection against those dreadful villains:

Free radicals? No match for corneotherapy!

Irritants? Bid them farewell!

Environmental factors? We’ve got your back!

Allergens? Not on our watch!

Dehydration? Say hello to hydrated, supple skin!

Unlike conventional treatments and topical pharmaceuticals, corneotherapy skincare is a game-changer with minimal side effects. 

Level Up Your Skincare Game: Tips to Watch Out For and Avoid

Brace yourself for the harsh reality: some skincare products out there claim to be corneotherapeutic but are actually impostors!  Don’t worry, I’m here to spill the tea and show you how to spot them like a skincare detective. 

If you’re on the prowl for top-notch corneotherapy-approved skincare goodies, look no further! At Puravida, we’ve got the best of the best in Corneotherapeutic Skincare- Prologic Skincare! 

But here’s a hot tip for you: when it comes to choosing the perfect product, read the label like you’re digging into your favourite suspense novel!  However, beware of those sneaky sketchy ingredients that can wreak havoc on your skin

If you stumble upon any of these sketchy ingredients, make a swift exit strategy:

Fragrance – A troublemaker that’s the master of disguise, lurking as a common allergen. No, thank you!

Preservatives – These troublemakers can further irritate and disrupt your precious skin barrier. Up to no good!

Mineral oil and petroleum-based products – They’re like villains, disrupting skin regeneration. Can we just say, “No, thank you”?

Emulsifiers – These sneaky guys destroy the essential structures within your skin’s protective barrier. No room for villains here!

Silicones – Words like Cylohexasiloxane, Cyclopentasiloxane, and Dimethicone may sound like a secret code, but they’re just not compatible with your skin’s vibe.

Colours – Who needs extra drama? Colours in skincare products are nothing but troublemakers for your skin barrier. Time to say bye-bye!

Prologic Skincare- Corneotheraputic

What to Know About Treatments: Watch Out For These Red Flags

But that’s not all! Let’s talk about treatments that scream “NOT corneotherapeutic!” 

If a treatment or product causes your skin to peel (looking at you, microdermabrasion and dermaplanning), it’s a red flag! The same goes if it messes with your skin’s pH balance. We don’t want your efforts to go in vain, do we? 

Remember, corneotherapy is all about long-term protection and maintenance of your precious skin. It’s more than just a couple of products approved by some fancy council! So, beware, and save your skin from the clutches of the villains like silicones and chemical preservatives!

Say no to microdermabrasion

Unraveling the Truth: How to Spot the Real Deal?

Don’t be fooled by misleading online marketers and fast-talking in-your-face reps. The skincare industry is crawling with imposters! But worry not, Puravida Beauty is here to help you unveil the real deal!  We’ve put together a quick and savvy list of do’s that’ll make sure you spot a therapist who truly understands the principles of corneotherapy. (Hint hint, we fit the bill!)


 Respects your skin’s first lines of defense – the epidermis.

 Maintains a well-balanced pH for your skin.

 Never disrupts your stratum corneum’s integrity.

 Brings back your skin’s natural antimicrobial barrier and UV-B filters.

 Uses barrier repair products with the perfect blend of skin loving ingredients. Real ingredients for real results

With our knowledge of the skin barrier, our Puravida Beauty skin nerds understand the importance of treating it like royalty. Say goodbye to over-exfoliating and hello to a more fabulous, healthy glow! 


And here’s a little secret…for all your skin health and beauty needs, your skin specialist is the MVP. Especially if you’re dealing with acne eczema, psoriasis, perioral dermatitis, contact dermatitis, or rosacea, they’ll guide you to the amazing corneotherapeutic system your skin deserves.

Get ready to experience the magic of Puravida and Corneotherapy! Don’t miss out on achieving fabulous, radiant skin. Book your spot now and get started on your journey to skincare excellence.