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Attention, beauty enthusiasts! Brace yourselves for some hot tea. The trendy tik tok Skin Cycling is still going strong, and we at Puravida Beauty have some strong opinions on the matter. Get ready for our scorching take!

What is Skin Cycling?

Skin cycling is like a carefully choreographed dance for your precious skin. It’s all about when and how you should apply your skincare products. Picture a 4-day cycle that balances rest days and active days, like a true skincare symphony. Let’s break it down:

Day 1 – Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise

Day 2 – Cleanse, retinol, moisturise

Days 3 and 4 – Rest and chill, no actives

Why it made the skin sin list

Intriguing, right? But here’s the catch. Your skin cells crave more than fancy buzzwords. Excessive exfoliation can unleash havoc on your delicate skin barrier. Yikes!

Why should you even care about your skin barrier, you ask? It’s like the roof of your house, my friend. When it’s intact, your skin glows, it’s healthy, and it can fend off pesky bacteria. No redness, no blotchiness, and definitely no dullness! It’s all about that harmony, baby.

But here’s the tea. Most of our lovely clients who visit our salon already have a compromised skin barrier. Excessive exfoliation and overuse of retinol contribute to this problem. Skin cycling might provide some protection, but claiming it’s a miracle cure is just a clever marketing ploy. Don’t fall for it!

Our take? Your Skin knows best

Listen, your skin knows what to do. It’s always known! There’s no need to abuse it with peels and acids. Trusting “skinfluencers” and “experts” who tell you to demolish your skin every other day is a recipe for disaster. They’re trying to sabotage our built-in protective system!

Here’s the real deal. Our approach to skincare is all about corneotherapy. You might be wondering, “What the flip is Corneotherapy?!” Well, it’s our skin faith! At Puravida Beauty, corneotherapy is the answer to all your skin troubles, and it works fast!

Corneotherapy is like the superhero of skin treatments. It’s not just slapping on any old moisturizer and hoping for the best. Corneotherapists believe in maintaining a strong, healthy skin barrier as the key to preventing and treating skin problems. When the top layers of skin are intact, everything from the microbiome to pH to secretions is strong and protects the lower layers like Fort Knox!

We wouldn’t dare use any harmful ingredients or techniques that could damage the skin’s defense system. Instead, we focus on putting all the critical mechanisms back together for our clients’ skin. We know our stuff, and we’re proud of it!

Let me tell you, Corneotherapists are not your average beauty therapists. We have extensive training and qualifications in skin science, biology, anatomy, and physiology. We’re total nerds when it comes to understanding how skin works. For the past 7 years, we’ve successfully treated various skin conditions using corneotherapy and Prologic tool. It’s our passion, and we approach every case with confidence and the best in skincare!

Stay tuned for more insider beauty secrets, and remember, your skin deserves love, not abuse.