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🌟I Can- Skin Plan🌟

Ever looked in the mirror and wished your skin would tell a different story?💁‍♀️

After the festive season or during those transition months when life’s a mix of iffy weather and poking stress, our skin often holds the tale. But what if we told you there’s a glimmer of hope shining just for you? 


Meet your skin’s upcoming best friend: “I CAN – SKIN PLAN.”🥰

This is no ordinary skincare routine; it’s a transformative journey designed just for you. Imagine feeling your skin come alive, saying goodbye to those collected-dust-never-used products, and welcoming in a new, vibrant ‘you’ that glows from within.🤩

Here’s the low-down on what you’ll get with “I CAN – SKIN PLAN”:

1-Hour Skin Consultation: Dive deep into your skin’s secrets with a digital scan, followed by a hydration assessment that’ll give you a high-five worthy wake-up call.
Personalised Home Skincare Plan: Tailor-made just for you. It’s time to clear some cabinet space for new members of your skincare family.

Bonus Features That’ll Make You Wink:
A Digital Skin Health Recipe Book, because who said skincare can’t be delicious?
Max LED Light Treatment with Custom Serums, here to save your face (and the day).
And as if that wasn’t enough,
a $25 voucher towards pampering yourself with our skin nerds, because every now and then we all need that extra bit of love and care.

At just $175, with the potential to save $110 through this transformation package why waste another day wishing for skin perfection when you can march towards it with “I CAN – SKIN PLAN”? Your journey to flawless skin starts the minute you say “yes” to this revolution. Book Your Skin Transformation Today and take the first step into the best skin of your life using the link below 👇👇

The Beauty Bunch

As  member of “The Beauty Bunch” loyalty points program you can have any of these for just:

50 points

Stand Alone Skin Consultation

30 min massage

Or any of these for just 100 points

Puravida Relaxation Facial

45 min massage

For the Ultimate experience – only 150 points

• 60 min massage

Puravida Indulgence Facial

Terms & Conditions: The accumulation of points applies to only actual money spent on services and products. Points are not collected on complimentary service. Points are not collected on the GST component of your spend. You do not accumulate points on the purchase of a gift voucher.  The person redeeming the voucher earns those points.  Membership points and rewards accumulated are not transferable. Points not redeemed will expire after a 24-month period. Points are not redeemable for cash.