NZ Spa


Whether you need to relax and restore…recharge and awaken…NZ Spa has the signature treatments to cater to your every need with luxurious spa therapies and decadent body treatments designed to indulge the senses, nourish the skin and enhance beauty while soothing body, mind and spirit.

Full Body Mud Wrap

Let go of your worries and experience the Full Body Mud Wrap. Perfect for drawing toxins from the body, the NZ Spa Body Mask is a sumptuous and luxurious mud that envelopes you in a gentle fragrance. Using skin-soothing ingredients Manuka honey and Aloe Vera, this treatment is perfect for calming the skin. Also great for skin that has seen a bit too much sun.


Full Body Exfoliation

Rejuvenate your skin and body with this luxurious body treatment. This mild scrub contains Apricot seed kernels and Passiflora kernels to scrub away your worries and reveal a calmer new you. Containing ingredients for sensitive skin, this scrub is extra gentle on the skin, helping to refine the skin as it exfoliates.


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