Facial Treatments

At Puravida we recognise that your skin is unique

We strive to deliver personalised solutions to enhance and protect your skin’s natural radiance. Before experiencing a facial with us we require you to complete a skin analysis. We’ll work with the results from your skin analysis to help you to have healthy glowing skin.

Why do a skin analysis?

Your therapist must understand your skin in order to choose the best products and course of treatments for yourself.

When a skin analysis is performed the skin therapist can gain valuable insight into what is happening inside your bodies too. Your skin can show thyroid troubles, hormonal imbalances and dietary problems.

Conducting a thorough dermal analysis is one of the most important aspects prior to any skin treatment.

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When you have your skin professionally analysed, it will highlight any underlying condition that needs to be address plus establish the correct diagnosis so that your treatments and skincare are correctly prescribed. This will achieve the glowing results that you’re looking for, and a step to correct the underlying health reasons that need to be addressed. This type of full and thorough analysis can not be conducted over the counter of your department store with your makeup on, as makeup can cover-up a world of problems.

A full and correct analysis involves a careful assessment of our skin’s type and condition. It will take into account any aspects that may be damaging your dermal health, underlying medical conditions, previous sun exposure and your daily skin care routine.

Our skin is in a constant state of change and it’s important to have our skin analysed at least once a year or when we have had changes in our health, hormones and diet.


Skin Analysis

Manual Skin Analysis 
Allow 30 mins

Digital Skin Analysis 

(including treatment plan)
Allow 60 mins

Total Relaxation: Puravida Relaxation Facial

Skin analysis is not required for this treatment.
(this is purely for relaxation, skin concerns are not the focus)

Puravida Relaxation Facial- 1hr – $110.00

You’ll be treated to a refreshing cleanse and tone, followed by a relaxing massage and finished with a refreshing masque and hand and arm massage.

Puravida Indulgence Facial- 1hr 30 mins – $180.00

This is the ultimate treatment. Start off by melting away with a Back, neck and shoulder massage, followed by the Puravida Relaxation Facial


Skin analysis is required for these treatments.

Prologic Omega 3 Facial – $135

Total relaxation focused on repairing the skin and helping you unwind. Start with a Back massage to get you to start unwinding and letting go. The allow us to treat the face with a facial using Omega 3 Serum to increase the essential fatty acid levels allowing the skin cell functions and systems repair. The total mind and body package.

Prologic Enzyme Oil Treatment Facial – $100

This facial is an ideal treatment for dull and tired looking skin. Using a skin identical oil and fruit enzymes the treatment assists in removing impurities and highly recommended as a follow up treatment 5-7 days after skin needling. The perfect pick me up, leaving you relaxed and glowing.

Prologic Specialized Customizable Facial – $170

This facial is tailor made to suit your skin’s needs. Your therapist will choose the right selection of products and serums which will ensure the best possible results with concerns. treating a wide variety of concerns such as Pigmentation, Anti-Aging, Eczema, Rosacea and Acne.

Prologic Medical Needling Treatment – $260

A cosmetic procedure where a precise instrument (roller) with fine needles is rolled over the skin surface creating tiny micro channels that then stimulate growth factors to enhance collagen production and better alignment of the collagen fibres. This treatment helps aid in the penetration of actives, reduce signs of aging, scarring, pore size, pigmentation and sun damage; overall giving you a softer, smoother skin.

Prologic Medical Needling Treatment Follow up – $215

Post Needling Enzyme Facial – $55

Add on Non-Surgical Facelift (Up to 30 mins) – $55

Led Max+ Add on, allow 30 mins – $55 


Skin analysis is required for these treatments.

Environ Hands on Facial – $110

Indulge yourself with this Luxurious Hands on treatment. The Ultimate manual therapy ion offer. Let our personal touch relax, calm, soothe and restore your skin to it’s natural best.

Environ Cool Peel Facial – $135

Experience a totally safe way to have the benefits of a peel with no irritation, discomfort or recovery time. The Cool Peel treatment is designed to address problem skin, helping to clear the complexion and calm inflammation, achieving incredible results without damage to the skin. This revolutionary approach to peeling achieves incredible results without damaging the skin. Low strength lactic acid is used to reduce the skin’s PH and trigger the release of growth factors, which creates tiger, smoother skin. It destroys bacteria, boosts hydration and removes the Build up-up of dead skin cells, helping to decongest the surface and smooth texture. The Cool Peel is ideal for clients with lines and wrinkles, rough or problem skin, sun damage and Rosacea.

  • Anyone looking to target signs of ageing while enhancing the benefits of their skincare and treatments
  • Acne sufferers
  • Thickened, rough or sun damaged skin
  • Rosacea
  • Fine Lines and wrinkles

Environ Specialized Customizable Facial – $170

This facial is tailor made to suit your skin’s needs. Your therapist will choose the right selection of products and serums which will ensure the best possible results with concerns. treating a wide variety of concerns such as Pigmentation, Anti-Aging, Eczema, Rosacea and Acne. This Facial Will either Include a cool peel or the use Of The Environ Ionzyme Machine. 

At the forefront of scientific skin care, the DF machine combines two highly sophisticated scientific methods to enhance penetration of vitamins into the skin.

Pulsed iontophoresis – uses specifically pulsed electrical currents to facilitate greater penetration of vitamins.

Low frequency sonophoresis – uses sound waves to transport vitamin molecules through the skin.

This dynamic combination can be effectively used on large surface areas like the face and neck, and for particular problems like stretch marks and cellulite. Sonophoresis can also be used by itself on specific areas such as the upper lip, fine lines around the eyes, scar tissue and pigmentation. A full skin analysis and consultation is required to determine a treatment plan.


Add Ons

Scalp Massage- $25

 Alginate Masque- $30

Environ Cool Peel $35

Anti-Ageing Hand or Eye treatment (15 mins)- $35

Add on Radio Frequency Non-Surgical Facelift (Up to 30 mins) – $55

Additional Machine Enhancement (DF or Plamere add on, allow 30 mins) – $55

Led Max+ Add on, allow 30 mins – $55