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Are you wanting game changing results?

Have you heard of DIY Dermarolling at home? Have you tried it? This will level up your homecare game and give you A+ Results!

Your homecare and being consistent is the best and most important part of your skin journey! Think of your facials with the Puravida beauties as your personal training sess, they pack a punch, they are great BUT it’s what you do at home that has a big impact. Do you know that your skin doesn’t absorb all the amazing skin loving ingredients you put on it? Now imagine being able to make your home care work 100% better?

So how does rolling at home work?

Dermarolling uses a hand-held tool to gently roll over your skin in what we call  a cross-hatch pattern, working to create microchannels in the skin. This will allow your skin loving products to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, enabling products such as hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides and all those skin loving ingredients in your Prologic homecare to work harder and produce better results.

How should you use it?

You need to ensure you’re using a quality tool at home, not something cheap that could damage your skin (we have one’s we sell and back in salon), and also that it is correctly cleaned with an antibacterial (and skin safe) spray such as Dp Dermaceuticals Clini-Prep. To avoid irritation you also want to be using quality active serums that only contain safe, nourishing ingredients, as you don’t want to be pushing bacteria or products full of damaging chemicals deep into your skin! Make sure you only roll back and forward two or three times with your roller and repeat in opposite directions for each set.

What are the benefits for your skin?

Your home roller technique won’t be able to go as deep as a professional microneedling treatment or generate as many channels, however, it can definitely still give your skin benefits. Dermarolling can be a great at-home method to use every few days, to give a boost of rejuvenation on the top layers of the skin, and also to allow your serums to get into the deeper layers of your skin once in a while. At-home rolling can be great if you are a beginner wanting to treat stretch marks on your body too. An at-home roller shouldn’t hurt, as the needles aren’t going very deep into your skin.