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When it comes to skin complaints, there aren’t many things that rank higher than acne. Waking up with breakouts or being unable to tackle stubborn pimples can take a huge blow to your confidence. Whether you’ve been trying to fend of acne from your teenage years or are starting to break out as an adult, now is the time to breakup with breakouts!

Skin is incredible, once you understand more about acne, you can take steps to help your skin change for the better.

Acne is…

An inflammatory skin condition, affecting teenagers but showing up at all ages. Acne presents as swollen lumps predominantly near your mouth, chin, and forehead along with other parts of your face, chest and upper back because these parts of the body have the most oil glands.

Acne is caused by…

We know that the main cause is clogged pores. Your skin sheds dead skin cells all the time, some of these depart through pores and some get stuck! The infection occurs when bacteria get involved which results in a lumpy red skin surface. The million-dollar question is why it happens to some people and not others. It is thought that a combination of factors can contribute to the formation of acne. This can include hormones, genetics, environmental factors, stress, skin care, medical conditions, and diet.

Acne scarring is…

When a breakout penetrates the skin deeply and damages the skin tissue it scars. There are different types of scars and ways to treat them. They can be successfully minimalised with Dermapen Micro needling treatments but like anything, the best course of action is prevention.

Wait! I have acne, how can I manage it?

Before you embark on a treatment plan with a Skin Therapist, there are some steps you can take to minimise acne discomfort and regain confidence.

  1. Wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face
  2. Clean your glasses and mobile phone. You don’t really think about how often they come in contact with your face
  3. Wear breathable clothing & hats if you suffer from acne on your body
  4. Wash oily hair often
  5. Stay cool
  6. Remove all traces of makeup
  7. Avoid scrubbing or squeezing pimples
  8. Adopt a morning and evening skincare routine
Advanced Treatments for acne can be a lifesaver…

Start with a consultation with your Skin Therapist who can tailor a personalised treatment option for you as well as you’re at-home skin care plan. Some key treatment options to focus on for results driven outcomes are LED Light Therapy, Dermapen Micro needling, and Prologic Enzyme Facials.

LED helps control bacteria, Dermapen Micro needling will bring oxygen to acne and stop the spread along with minimising scarring, whilst Prologic Facials reduce inflammation, control the oil leaving skin bright and radiant.

Acne busting actives is the way forward…

opt for medical-grade skincare products that have been proven to deliver results. It is helpful if they contain the following active ingredients which work to keep skin hydrated, pores spotless and ward off that nasty bacterium:

Look for, Salicylic Acid, Panthenol, Omega 3, Tyrosinase Inhibitors, Niacinamide and Essential Vitamins.

Targeted skincare is very important…

Go for products such as Prologic Gel Cleanser -Gently cleanses the skin with natural cleansing agents, this cleanser targets acneic and problematic skin. BHA’s provide a slow penetrating action, meaning less surface reaction. Calming inflammation and reducing bacteria. Prologic Anti Acne spray, Derma Aid with amazing calming and anti-inflammatory properties or even the newest serum and fast becoming a cult fav the Prologic Probiome Probiotic Serum.