November 7, 2017

“Puravida Beauty is the place to go for to treat yourself without having to pay out the nose, where you actually get results from whether it’s the skin clearing and revitalizing facials to the super relaxing massages. Not only does results show ( believe me my skin hasn’t ever looked and felt this great before ) the price you pay isn’t through the roof especially for the quality of care and services Puravida Beauty provide.
And don’t get me started on the customer service, they are fantastic! There’s no daunting out of depth feeling, they talk you through everything, they’re friendly, funny and no awkwardness ( or those stuck up attitudes that always seem to lurk in some beauty places) in sight.

The products that they use are so gentle ( as I have sensitive skin ) and less chemically inclined and my skin is thanking me for walking through Puravida’s doors. I have become a loyal and regular to Puravida Beauty and I urge people if you want result for great prices in a fantastic atmosphere then head to Puravida Beauty Wellington.”