Before you visit:

* Shower.
* Exfoliate.
* Do not apply deodorant.
* Do not apply any creams or lotions.
* Do not wear perfume.
* Wear loose fitting COTTON clothes, preferably not white.

To keep a beautiful tan for up to 10 days:

* Wear loose clothing and footwear immediately after your session.
* Do not shower or exercise heavily for at least 4 hours.
* Avoid soaking in water for extended periods.
* Do not exfoliate your skin.
* Moisturise your skin every day. 

After your visit

Your tan should last for at least 5 days but remember your skin is literally dying to fall off ! Long baths and showers, swimming, lying on a sandy beach will all encourage your skin to exfoliate naturally, losing your tan in the process. Regular moisturising will help your tan last longer. If you have very dry patches of skin then your tan will fade faster in these areas.

Without exfoliation $55.00
With exfoliation $70.00

Partial Body $40.90