At puravida we believe that hair removal should not be an agonising experience. Our unisex hair removal is a hygenic roll-on wax system. We use anti-inflammatory products to help minimize the possibility of redness and ingrown hairs after treatment. We also offer IPL hair removal.

Half leg wax $41.00
Top half leg wax $52.00
Underarm wax $26.00
Bikini $31.00
Extended bikini $38.00
1st time brazilian $72.00
Brazilian maintenance $63.00
Half leg and underarm or bikini from $62.00
Half leg and underam and bikini from $67.00
Full leg wax $72.00
Full leg and bikini or underam from $77.00
Full leg, bikini and underarm from $98.00
Arm wax $40.00
Men's back wax from $45.00
Men's chest wax from $45.00
Men's arm wax from $40.00
Full body wax from $160.00
Lip wax $17.00
Chin wax $22.00
Alkaline wash from



(Permanent Hair reduction and Red vein removal)

Enquire at reception about our electrolysis services. Our fully qualified experienced electrologists will provide a full consultation with you prior to beginning treatment.

Consultation FREE

Minimum charge - $21.00

15 minutes - $31.00
30 minutes - $46.00
45 minutes - $67.00
60 minutes - $72.00

Red Vein - Price on appointment

Prices are current as of February 2015 and are subject to change without notice

Waxing Do's & Don'ts

  • Do not use a sun solarium on the day of waxing appointment.

  • Avoid any exercise on the day of waxing appointment.

  • Do not use public swimming pools or saunas for 24-28 hours after waxing. To prevent infection. These types of activities can cause excessive blood flow to the surface of your skin, making waxing painful & increasing chance of bruising.

  • Any of these activities done after waxing may cause irritation, and in some cases, infection. We advise that you use a loofah and tea-tree moisturiser daily on waxed area to avoid in-grown hairs after the first 24 hours. If you suffer from ingrown hairs, we can recommend PFB.

  • Waxing lasts for 4-6 weeks.