Here at Puravida, our main goal is to try and help you guys with any beauty-related issue, and one thing we’re always asked about is pores! Even though everyone has them and you’re the only one that notices your own pores, we totally get if you want to try and make them appear smaller – whatever makes you happy! So, before we let you in on the best pore-refining products, we need to set you straight on the facts: here’s the truth about pores.

What Causes Large Pores? 

Although you probably identify pores as those little spaces of air in your skin, they’re the opening of a hair follicle. The hairs are often so small they’re not visible, but due to the oil glands that are at the base of the follicle, the follicle can over-grow, causing your pores to enlarge, which makes them more noticeable. But, no matter how many pore-busting products you apply, they’ll never go away completely, as the original size of your pores is determined by genetics and hormones. The best you can do is keep your pores as unclogged as possible and avoid squeezing them, which is what stretches them out. You can help to minimize their appearance, but you won’t get rid of them entirely.

How to Minimize the Appearance of Pores:

Wear SPF

The most important thing you can do, which actually applies to pretty much all skin issues, is to wear sun protection. The sun dehydrates your skin and makes the oil glands over-grow, so it’ll “make your pores look bigger. All that extra oil can also cause the formation of blackheads and whiteheads, due to the excess oil that blocks the skin. Make sure you apply it at the end of your skincare regime but before you apply your makeup, as the SPF acts as a barrier

Double cleanse

One of the easiest ways to enhance the quality of your skin and make your pores appear smaller is to thoroughly remove any oil, dirt and other impurities that are lying on the surface. The quickest way to do this to employ our double cleansing rule. It’s super simple, all you do is cleanse your skin using a Precleansing oil cleanser, and then you cleanse once more using a foam, cream or gel cleanser, whichever formula suits your skin type. The better you get at cleansing, the less dirt and oil will clog your pores, which will help to minimize their appearance.

Exfoliate with acids weekly

Just like double cleansing, exfoliating will further help to reduce the build-up of debris in your pores, which can make them look bigger. Since one of the most important methods for removing impurities and dead skin is exfoliation, it’s an integral step in the pore-minimizing process. But we’re not talking about using grainy exfoliators that have the potential to literally strip your skin, instead, we’re talking about chemical exfoliators like AHAs and BHAs (salicylic acid). These acid-based formulas penetrate deep into your pores and can dissolve the glue that holds all the sebum and dirt together, effectively dislodging all the dead skin cells and unclogging the pore.

Use Vitamin A!!!!!

A great topical agent for minimizing the appearance of your pores is vitamin A, when you apply it to the skin it converts to retinoic acid, which boosts skin cell turnover and thickens the deeper layer of your skin. Not only does it smooth out wrinkles by increasing collagen production, it also decreases oil production and thereby tightens pores and helps to reduce acne. Remember, less oil = smaller looking pores.

How to:  it’s best to go low, start slow – especially if you have rosacea, sensitive or very dry skin. Its Best to slowly introduce Vitamin A at its different levels, allowing your skin to build up the necessary skin cell receptors to avoid any skin reactions! Speak to the Puravida team about your best way to get your Vitamin A fix or read our blog all about Vitamin A for more info on this Miracle Vitamin!!